Friday, August 12, 2011

Almost Immediate Gratification: Ultimate Egg Sandwich

God damnit. Home late again from work, and I ain't got no ramen. No Chef Boyaredee neither. I'm hungry hungy hippos reincarnate. (Does that even make sense? I wonder if I could just eat cat food. Blah. 
Welcome to another edition of trash pantry: starving edition. When you've got nothing really on hand that counts as instant edibles, you've got to dig deep. Bingo: I've got one egg in the fridge. I've got basically one lettuce leaf (who leaves one lettuce leaf? seriously). I've got a tomato. There's the butt end of two cheeses... little bits that I've neglected, and honestly, beyond being fairly soft and semi soft cheeses, I don't really remember what they were. Maybe a taleggio? Brie? I don't know. Any labels that once existed have been snacked off during what my bigger half likes to calling my cheezing hour (usually at about 10 pm) every night. Do I have bread? Win... two slices of country white in the freezer. Things are shaping up nicely. I'm about to make an egg sandwich that puts many a sandwich to shame. Watch and learn, folks.

1. Slice up the cheese.
2. Toast the bread, and spread both sides with a bit of butter.
3. Slice off two rounds of tomato. 
4. You'll need two pans. One to fry the egg, one to warm all other elements of the sandwich.
5. Melt a knob of butter over medium heat in your larger of the two pans. Assemble one side of the sandwich: bread + layer of random cheese. In same pan, layer other side of sandwich: bread + two tomato slices. Add a dash of Johnny's Seasoning Salt to both halves of the sandwich. Allow to heat while you fry your egg.
6. In second frying pan, apply high heat and cooking spray. When a drop of water sizzles, add your egg. You're frying this over easy style. Yes, the yolk should be runny. All bow down to the glory of a runny yolk.
7. Your two halves of the sandwich are warmed through, the cheese a little runny. Add your fried egg on top of the side with the cheese. Add your one random leaf of lettuce. Assemble both halves of sandwich, put on plate.

My sandwich rules. This is not a wimpy egg sandwich. The runny, creamy yolk will burst when cut in half, allowed to messily mingle with the tangy ripe tomatoes, that melted cheese, and the lettuce, plus that nicely super toasted bread with the butter will add the perfect crisp, crunchy platform. This thing isn't going to last long. It was a delicious dinner prepared in all of about ten minutes to satisfy somebody who was really really hungry, and kind of adverse to eating both takeaway and other instant canned food trash from the nearest convenience store. Trash pantry is such a fun game. 

2 pieces of toast
2 slices of ripe tomato
1 egg
1 slice of lettuce
Any random bits of cheese that are still ok to eat, but whose days are numbered
Johnny's Seasoning Salt

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