Saturday, September 10, 2011

Jesse's ACK Daic(quiri)

Jesse Hedberg, 2010 Rhode Island Iron Tender Champion, has joined us for some delightful cocktails on Nantucket for a part of this week. He currently spends a bit of time at Fluke in Newport, RI, also Cook and Brown in Providence, RI, and is in the process of launching the bar at the Dorrance in Providence, RI, which will feature a terrific chef who has spent time at Le Laiterie and specialize in small plates, and special events if you're hearing wedding bells in the near future or other special occasions on the horizon. I am fortunate to call Jesse one of our best, most treasured friends, and always on the line up of pirates, thieves, and artisans that join the annual New England Labor Day week fest that we host each year. There will be many entries documenting our week spent on Nantucket with family and friends, but I think it's only appropriate to begin with a beverage, specially concocted for Soused Blueberries' inaugural year.
As he is my favorite bartender, and considered one of the finest in New England, he has agreed to concoct this special beverage for our time spent together here on the island. Therefore, Soused Blueberries is proud to present Jesse's ACK Daic(quiri). The ACK daic is constructed with basically a 3:1 proportion to the drink, something that Jesse is currently fond of, because it allows one to taste the actual spirit within the beverage. So for your daic, you'll need:
2 oz rum (Cruzan)
3/4 oz lime juice
3/4 oz simple syrup
2 dashes Bittermens Elemaule Tiki bitters
Shake up the beverage in a cocktail shaker with a generous dose of ice. Place in a fancy little cocktail glass, with a twist of lime. Isn't it beautiful? This was a potent classic-style daicquiri, citrusy and sweet due to the simple syrup. If the daic that you order from your local bar is sticky, they're doing it wrong. It should be refreshing, and boozy; please excuse my classless terminology. 
Thank you, Jesse, for a fantastic vacation time contribution to this little party blog. Go check him out at the Dorrance immediately!

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