Thursday, November 3, 2011

Romanesco Cauliflower

I am unconvinced as to whether Romanesco cauliflower actually tastes any spunkier than the mild flavor of regular cauliflower. But it just looks so damn cool. Check out the ones we picked up earlier in the week from the farmers market. It was rather small, but still had that beautiful characteristic geometric shape. 
Amazing! Boil this in water, add butter, and then a touch of parmesan, and you have an excellent side dish.

By the way, exciting news! Today I ordered my turkey from Misty Knoll Farms from up in Vermont. Last year we also ordered from this farm, and they were able to provide the most incredible free range bird, ready to pick up from Milk and Honey Green Grocer down the street from our place in Salem, Massachusetts. Since thinking about Thanksgiving dinner is among my favorite things, I'll be sure to post recipes that I plan to use leading up to the actual event, along with important tips like dry brining techniques and the omnipresent pie crust dilema.

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