Monday, May 28, 2012

ApotheCaring's Ice Tea: Special Blend for Milk and Honey Green Grocer of Salem

ApotheCaring Ice Tea
for Milk & Honey Green
Well, Memorial Day is here and I for one enjoy saluting our troops via a refreshing glass of ice tea. While we can all go the route of Lipton, or some other brand of ready-made, bottled iced tea, I had a nice little encounter the other day at Milk and Honey Green Grocer of Salem. The proprieter of ApotheCaring was featuring a special blend of tea that she made special for my favorite little grocery store.
Basil, linden, lemongrass,
elderberries, hibiscus, rosehip,
rasins and currants
Angie Adams, the herbalist of ApotheCaring, has spent a number of years studying the healing benefits of different teas and herbs, and I'll go ahead and say that this particular blend of tea is so refreshing it's got a good shot at counteracting all those other fatty toxins that I stuff into my mouth. It's mildly fruity and minty, with a combination of basil, linden, lemongrass, elderberries, hibiscus, rosehip, raisins, and currants. I never really think to brew my own ice tea, but after trying a sip of this beverage, I think I'll be brewing my own from here on in.
Steeping the tea
The recipe is simple and located on the back of the package. Ready yourself a pitcher that will hold approximately 2 quarts of the tea. Heat a quart of water on the stove, and after boiling, add in five heaping tablespoons of the tea blend. Turn off, and allow to steep for about a half hour. After this, strain the tea to remove all the herbs, and pour into the pitcher. Add enough ice to fill the container, and give a stir. At this point, you can either throw the pitcher into your fridge for further chilling, or enjoy sweet, sweet refreshment straight away.
Such a delicious ice tea, and different from all those overly sweet concoctions available in the refrigerators of various grocery stores. It's mildly sweet, and that touch of mint comes at the end, a wonderful feeling when breathing out after sipping your cool glass of relaxation. 
Ready to enjoy
If you can't make it to Milk and Honey to purchase this tea, it can be obtained through the ApotheCaring website. Either way, I'll definitely be taking the time to brew fresh ice tea this summer. Thanks to all who serve and have served, and here's to another way to welcome in summer with a classic beverage that everyone can enjoy.

ApotheCaring's Ice Tea
Available at Milk and Honey Green Grocer, Salem MA

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