Monday, July 11, 2011

Boston's Food Truck Initiative

Today, I received a most pleasant email from a representative of the city of Boston. It looks like there are still spots open to start your food truck business, or to set up your current truck somewhere in the city. The text of the email read:

Dear Food Truck Vendor:

On behalf of the City of Boston, I am writing to you about Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s new and exciting Food Truck initiative. The food truck revolution is here and we think your truck would be a great fit for this new initiative to locate food trucks out on the streets in the City of Boston.

A recently passed ordinance by the City Council amends the City code to streamline and expedite the permitting process and make it easier for entrepreneurs to launch their businesses in this industry. As part of this new process, the City has pre-approved 24 sites in the public right-of-ways for trucks to vend.  Today, there are over 15 trucks participating in the program and we are hoping to add even more. The City of Boston and the Boston Redevelopment Authority are eager to have you join in this incredible opportunity.  We are especially encouraging food truck businesses to consider sites in the neighborhoods and our Main Streets districts.

For a list of available public sites and information on how to apply please visit the website at:

The permitting process, although currently not required for existing trucks, will be a requirement for all food trucks beginning in 2012. 

The email also included contact information, which I will gladly shoot your way if you're eager to jump on this initiative, but thought I wouldn't be so crass as to post on the Internet. I love food trucks and food options, so if you're interested, please jump on the opportunity!

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