Friday, July 22, 2011

A Cocktail Revival: Drink

I've had a lot of shitty cocktails. It's called college. It's called restaurant nonesuch with your crappy, all too pink Manhattan. This is not that cocktail bar.
Barbara Lynch, in an effort to do what she does best, and certainly revive the Fort Point neighborhood of Boston (which she had enjoyed much success with the openings of places such as Sportello and most recently Menton), she opened Drink. It's in a basement. It's one long bar and a back standing bar that houses lots of little beetles stuck on needles, just like your 8th grade science class. It's chic. It's a cougar bar. It's the home of cocktails that have long since been forgotten by the masses, but are part of the encyclopedia of fantastic historic beverages of the bartenders at Drink.
So, as you may tell, I'm a little inebriated. And I've had a fantastic evening with a girlfriend that I don't spend nearly enough time with. So I'll keep this short and sweet and go pass out like I damn well should.
To start the night, I ordered my favorite party starter. This is the Bone. I don't have a picture, because frankly I really needed a drink, and in the midst of a softly lit room with country songs eclectic enough that I don't recognize, the Bone is the perfect way to say goodbye to the work week and hello to the weekend. The bone is fairly simple. To my knowledge it is a mix of rye, fresh squeezed lime juice, simple syrup, and a good dose of Tabasco. Nothing kills the worries of a Friday with a list of stuff to do on Monday than a cocktail with a bit of Tabasco burn. It's sour, it's boozy, and it's the way to kick your way into a day off.
The Bohemian
Next, I ordered the Bohemian, which is my beverage companion's favorite cocktail. She orders it one after another at this bar, charming the boys like no other, and scoffing at lesser cocktails that come in champagne flutes. The Bohemian, I believe, is a bit of St. Germaine for floral notes, gin, Peychaud's bitters, and freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. If you enjoy light, citrusy, but all business gin beverages, this is your new go to. Our bartender excelled at this particular drink.
Singapore Sling
Finally, before calling it a night, I felt saucy enough to order a classic Tiki drink: The Singapore Sling! Pineapple, Benedictine, and yes... gin. It's delicious, and silly, and fruity, and a good way to end the night.
Note: While at Drink, we also partook of two delectable edibles. The first was a little iron cast pot of their french fries. These perfect, thick-cut cubes of potato are crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and perfectly salted. A side of aioli, and if you so desire, you can also request a bit of ketchup. I haven't met a soul on this planet that wouldn't like these french fries. The perfect drinking food... but more sophisticated than your run of the mill fries. Second, my companion held a knife to my throat and demanded that we order the grilled cheese. Yeah right. The words "grilled" and "cheese" never meet any resistance from yours truly. You'll find that this thin sliced Italian bread, Gruyere melted fantasy won't last long when placed in front of anyone that moves. The sandwich, sliced into fingers for appetizer sized munchies, is presented elegantly, and topped with a sort of sweet cubed jelly substance...faintly tasting of lychees, but I could have been mistaken. I remind you, I had been a few cocktails in. Anyway, order it. It's savory with a sweet topping, and a nice crunch.
Happy Friday, everybody.

348 Congress Street
Boston, MA

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