Monday, July 11, 2011

Trash Pantry: Egg Salad Sandwich

In a perfect world, you’ve always got a stocked pantry, a fridge full of produce, and your choice of protein for sandwiches or salads or soups or pastas to construct a lunch that will make coworkers writhe with jealousy. This is not a perfect world. The farmers market is a couple days away so my produce stock is bleak, I can’t justify grabbing an 8 dollar sandwich in the lobby of my building that leaves me unsatisfied and feeling like a sucker.
So it’s time to play my favorite game: Trash Pantry!
Odds are, even in the most Mother Hubbard of cupboard moments, you might have a couple slices of toast in the freezer. Hell, maybe you’re like me and you’ve got one lone  slice of German whole grain bread, also known as hunter style rye bread or jägerschnitten, purchased from Karl’s Sausage Kitchen in Saugus (German food Mecca alert). Ok, so now we’ve got one really good slice of bread. Do you have eggs? Sure, I’ve got eggs, in fact very pretty eggs, lingering from a farmers market purchase about a week ago. Definitely still good… Alright, what else? There’s a few condiments in the fridge: ketchup, mustard, another type of mustard, another type of mustard, and Mayo. I bet you see where I’m going with this game now. I grab the mayo and a pretty tangy beer mustard. Up to the spice cabinet, there’s a bit of smoked paprika I can use, some dried parsley, and the mother of all salty seasonings: Johnny’s Seasoning Salt.

Nilee’s Trash Pantry Egg Salad Sandwich:

1 Slice German Jägerschnitten, Hunter-style Rye Bread
2 Hard Boiled Eggs
1 ½ Tablespoons of Mayo
1 Teaspoon of Beer Mustard
3-5 Good Shakes of Dried Parsley
3 Good Shakes of Johnny’s
1 Smidgen of Smoked Paprika

Dice up your boiled eggs, and mix everything except the paprika together. Pile it open face style on your piece of exotic bread and sprinkle on your smoked paprika at the end. I took a second to admire my MacGyver sandwich, and then cut the open face piece of bread in half to make a proper sandwich for the purpose of travel. Another bare bones challenge done… an egg salad sandwich can almost always get you out of a jam… and with a touch of mustard and some seasoning, it can actually be a bit better than yo momma’s egg salad.

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