Friday, July 15, 2011

Soused Blueberries Gets Soused!

So far we've had plenty of food, but not a single drop of a delicious beverage. And you know the kind I mean. The boozy kind.  So let's introduce our first beverage.
Since I'm long winded, and love to give the names and places of things that I enjoy, when I desire a fine bottle of wine at a reasonable price, I need look no further than my favorite wine store in Salem, Massachusetts: Salem Wine Imports. I love this little store. Operated and owned by one of the finest gentlemen in the Witch City, Eric Olsen always knows exactly what will complement a meal, fit your picnic, act as a tasty gift to a hostess, or simply give you a good night, because you deserve it. He opened the little shop about two years ago, though I could be mistaken and it may have been longer, and has quickly become a favorite place for all my neighbors to taste, learn about, and subsequently purchase lovely wines. He never up sells, and his knowledge of wine is flawless.
Admittedly, I walked into the store yesterday, a little bummed out, because I had intended to take the following day off from work, but found myself buried in deliverables that simply could not wait. I told him I was feeling so, and his first words were, "how about a hug?!" This guy is good. I asked for a wine somewhere around twenty dollars that could cheer me up... a crisp white, and of course, he knew just the thing. 
I returned home, spirits raised from having chatted with someone that really enjoys the science and the pleasures of sitting down to a lovely glass of history, and decided to save my prize for the following night instead. So the wine that's sitting in front of me, while watching Takashi Miike's Thirteen Assassins, is a $17 white from Tuscany. Even the name is fun to say, "Panizza Vernaccia di San Gimignano," pronounced kind of like "Pan-izza Ver-nach-ia di San Gi-majiannno." What a beautiful wine... something that I think would go nicely with a nice bit of pan-seared white fish, like locally caught halibut, and maybe some quickly seared green beans. Alas, I have none of that tonight, but as a sipping wine, it's pretty darn delightful: there are faint floral notes, a bit of a citrus/fruity thing going on, maybe a touch of apple, and a little bit of mineral at the beginning. I am really enjoying it, without having to do much of any hard thinking, and to be honest with you, I don't know how much thinking I want to do while samurais are kicking each other's asses.
Anyway, give this wine a try, stop by Eric's shop, and tell him that I said he's the best.

Location Rundown:
32 Church St.
Salem, MA 01970

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